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All of the supplies that an orchid grower would need can be found at Little Brook Orchids. We stock a large variety of supplies for growers of all levels of interest and skill level. Our selection includes:


Aussie Gold Orchid Mix (AGOM)

Aussie Gold Orchid MixAussie Gold is the potting medium Little Brook Orchids recommends for orchids. It is based on horticultural grade diatomite, a natural rock product mined in Australia. AGOM augments the properties and actions of the diatomite to provide oxygen, water and micronutrients to produce a vigorous root system, a strong plant and beautiful, healthy blooms. Some features of AGOM:

  • Retains moisture that is released to the plant between waterings
  • Emits micronutrients to the roots between feedings
  • Allows sufficient oxygen to the root system
  • Provides a sterile, pH neutral, & non-toxic environment for the plant
  • Repels slugs and snails naturally
  • May be reused since it does not break down
  • Prevents root rot

Little Brook Orchids produces AGOM on site. It is sold in 10 lb. bags (damp weight) for the following amounts (plus shipping):     

1-3 bags:  $19.95/bag
4  bags:  $18.00/bag ($72.00)
5 bags:  $17.00/bag ($85.00)


Other Supplies

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In addition to a variety of orchids and Aussie Gold, we carry supplies including:

  • diatomite
  • fertilizer
  • plant clips
  • plant stakes
  • plastic pots (all sizes)
  • terra cotta pots
  • Physan-20
  • Superthrive
  • fir bark
  • books

Contact LBO for pricing not listed, shipping costs, and availability.

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